how to use telegram on laptop

Using Telegram Web, you can also play with the ever all functions of Telegram, even from your desktop or laptop. If haven’t aware about this service, here we will show you how to use this instant messaging service on your laptop or desktop from your web browser and how to download movies from Telegram with the help of web browser. By using Telegram web only disadvantage is that you can’t make video or audio calls to anyone who uses it, unlike the Telegram web app. Follow the steps:

how to use telegram on laptop

Step 1: Firstly, access Telegram on your desktop by visiting the Telegram web app. Once the Telegram login page appears, select your country. Now, type your mobile number, then click on Next button or press Enter Otherwise you can scan the QR Code.

Step 2: Now, a confirmation popup will appear on the screen asking you whether you have entered the correct mobile number and if correct then click on OK. You will receive a code to your registered mobile number and you will have to enter the code for verification and then you can access your telegram.

Step 3: After this step, you have to click on Next and you will be logged in to your Telegram web account. You can now ready to use the Telegram app in your browser.

Step 4: After logging into your Telegram web account on your desktop or laptop, you have follow the same, all the steps above mention in how to download movies from Telegram on phone or android devices.

Step 5:  After downloading, the downloaded movie will automatically be saved in your device storage and available to watch offline.

9.Precautions to Take while Downloading Movies

Some wise precautions are necessary to download movies smoothly and easily, like whether your device has enough storage space to keep the downloaded movies or not? Thereafter, it is important to prefer downloading movies from trusted and well-established channels. Will not have to deal with malware. Protect your device by loading it with a reliable antivirus program. Finally, take into account the capabilities of your Internet connection so that you can easily download large files. If you have limited data left or your connection is slow then you may have problems with downloading. Use WiFi network to avoid excessive data consumption. By taking care of these precautions, you can easily enjoy your favorite movie for free.